15 June 2009

Well, I'm getting ready to go out of town again. This time it is a business trip with my husband. Packing is always the hardest part. I made a list of the activities and what I needed to wear for each one yesterday. I decided a few years ago not to iron items before packing they only wrinkle again and have to be re-ironed. Now I just plan to iron items that need it once I arrive, then everything looks fresh.

We are leaving early tomorrow morning so I need to have everything together tonight. I'm also planning which jewelry pieces to take along. Then, there is the weather to consider and whether to bring extra clothing should the forecast change. There is a 40% chance of rain on Wed and Fr so I'm bringing a raincoat along just in case. Then there is the outdoor evening reception. Do I need a sweater or a jacket?? How many pairs of shoes?

On most trips I don't worry this much about forgetting something. If I leave something at home that I need I just go to the store and replace it. But this is a more remote location and really no place to shop so I'm planning more carefully not to forget anything.

It's time to stop procrastinating and get packing. Have a good week.


Karen said...

Have a great time. I am more relaxed about packing if we are in a town that has stores. If I forget my toothbrush, I can just go buy one. Not so easy in the Bahamas though although it is probably possible, just more of a hassle.

Anonymous said...

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